How to Use ChatGPT 4: Exploring The New Features

ChatGPT 4. The latest milestone in Microsoft backed OpenAI technology.

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In a press release on January 23rd, Microsoft confirmed they were extending their partnership with OpenAI investing a further $10 billion into the company.

Despite being launched on March 14, ChatGPT 4 is not widely available for everyone yet. If you only have free access to ChatGPT you’ll be taken to GPT-3 when you visit the site. This article will explain how to access ChatGPT 4 and showcase some of its incredible new features.

Let’s get started.

How Do I Access ChatGPT 4?

To gain access to ChatGPT 4 you need to have access to the paid ChatGPT plus package. In case you don’t have access to it yet, the following is a guide that outlines the necessary steps to obtain it:

1. First, head over to the ChatGPT site at:

2. If you already have the ChatGPT plus package you will automatically be directed to ChatGPT 4 when you load the website.

3. If you don’t have ChatGPT plus, select the “Upgrade to plus” button from the bottom left corner of the interface.

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4. Once this has been selected, you’ll see an option to upgrade for $20 a month. You’ll also see a comparison between the two versions.

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5. Fill out the payment information and click “Subscribe”. You’ll now have access to ChatGPT 4.

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When starting a chat, you’ll get an option of which version of ChatGPT you want to use. Select GPT-4 from the list.

Please note: ChatGPT 4 has only just been released. It’s not entirely fast yet and does have its flaws. However, you do gain access to a lot more powerful features.

Let’s explore further what ChatGPT 4 has to offer.

ChatGPT 4: What’s New?

Sam Altman, the chief executive of OpenAI mentioned on Twitter that despite GPT-4 being “flawed and limited” it is the most “capable and aligned model yet”.

ChatGPT 4 Can Understand Images

One of our personal favourite features is the capability to understand visual inputs. You can get recommendations, descriptions and much more from just an image.

For example, when a user uploaded an image into ChatGPT and requested a description of each section, the tool proficiently provided accurate descriptions for all parts of the image. Plus, it understands humour too, which is great.

Create Entire Video Games

Many users on Twitter have been showcasing how ChatGPT 4 can create entire video games. There is no need for any prior coding knowledge, GPT-4 can produce a fully-fledged Javascript game within a matter of minutes.

Twitter user Ammaar Reshi showed an example of the classic Snake mobile game recreated in ChatGPT.

Build Entire Websites From An Image

ChatGPT 4 can turn a drawn sketch into a fully functional HTML website. In the example below, a hand-drawn sketch is turned into an entire “Joke shop” website.

What’s the Difference Between GPT-3 and GPT-4?

GPT-3: A language model introduced in May 2020, with 175 billion parameters making it one of the largest and most powerful language models in existence. GTP-3 came with a 3.5 series release in 2022. This is the moment when the tool sparked a commotion and gained the popularity it holds today.

GPT-4: OpenAI claims GPT-4 can process 25,000 words at once. Furthermore, it is 40% more likely to produce accurate information than previous versions. This is more than eight times more than the GPT-3 model.

ChatGPT 4: Testing Its Limitations

We decided to ask ChatGPT about what new features it has to offer.

A screenshot of a prompt we tried out to test ChatGPT 4

Based on its response, the tool appeared to be unaware of the existence of GPT-4 at the time. This is likely due to the knowledge cutoff set in September 2021, which means any developments or updates that occurred after that time are not incorporated into its knowledge.

I must admit, it is a challenging task to keep up with world events as they happen. Even more so, having to then train the model with the latest information.

Equally, any information presented after this cut-off date could generate incorrect information or prompts that you insert can be ignored completely. Ultimately, you need to proofread everything ChatGPT generates for inaccuracies as this can be tarnishing for your brand image.

GTP-4 is also restricted to 100 prompts every four hours, even if you have the plus package. For extensive users, this can be an inconvenience.

Despite the limitations, ChatGPT can be a great tool to assist you with your marketing activities, especially using ChatGPT for SEO. With features we’ve never seen before in an AI tool it’s exciting to see what the future holds in generations to come.

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